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The following shows what we have currently available for sale. As all of our products are unique this store is regualary updated, be sure to check back often.

DC Wood Designs - Store

Picture Name Description Price
'LogoBowl'A natural edge bowl/platter . Deep orange heartwood with all creamy sapwood retained.ŁNot for sale
'BrandyGlass'A very finely turned lip , and huge colour contrast.ŁOn Request
'FlowerBowl'A slightly smaller example of our logo bowl.ŁOn Request
'HoleyBowl'Wonderful swirls and colours around the knot holes.ŁOn Request
'WindyBowl'An exceptionally fine and light example of natural edge turning. The sapwood and bark being intact.ŁOn Request
'AfroBowl'A classic bowl with colours that change in different lighting.ŁOn Request
'GoldBowl'A remarkable (and heavy) piece. It is full of black resin pockets.ŁOn Request
'MultiHoleBowl'A thick cut but light bowl, ideal for eggs or small fruits.ŁOn Request
'RootBowl'The shape , colour , contrast ,flame grain and spalting on this well proportioned bowl are unique.ŁOn Request
'BurlBowl'Large nat. edge bowl ideal for fruitŁOn Request