About us...

All of our designs are completely unique and hand crafted. We have been creating wood pieces for over 20 years but still have the passion and enthusiasm for creating naturally beautiful and "want-to-touch" items that we had when we started.

Rather than use commercially available timber or blanks (the name for pieces of timber ready for the lathe), we try as much as possible to obtain sections of whole tree and turn it with the bark and sapwood still attached. This is called "natural edge turning". Although this is a very difficult and sometimes dangerous method of turning, it does produce very interesting, unusual and beautiful colours and patterns that would normally be lost. The Yew bowl in the "store" page is a particularly good example.

Some pieces will have knots, holes and/or fissures which add to the natural beauty of the wood. Others may be "spalted" which means that they have been subjected to a fungal attack. This results in permanent attractive patterns of black lines in the grain of the wood. It is completely inert and safe after turning and drying.

All pieces are hand polished to seal and protect them using a variety of finishes. Shellac, french polish, cellulose, acrylic, or beeswax may be used depending on the timber. All will be supplied with after-care instructions, along with a full description of the timber used, age, location and any other interesting points.

All of our pieces come with a 10 day satisfaction warranty, so in the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with your choice, you may send it back to us in original condition and receive a full refund (less postage and packing).